Everyone wants testimonials on their site, so I built a Laravel app to collect, manage and display them

Asking Price: $1800 USD

Vouchy is the easiest way to collect, organize and showcase your testimonials to maximize sales. We take all the awkwardness out of asking for a testimonial and help your clients to write the best one possible so you both look good!


Every person who signs up gets a form they can send to their clients to collect testimonials. Then they can manage, categories and prioritize the testimonials. They have a widget (and api) that they can use to display the testimonials on their site and control how many are displayed and what they look like.

The app is Laravel 5.4(I think, +/- .1) and has a complete SaaS payment system baked in. Comes with custom illustrations and logo.

Could be a good base for another project.

Want a copy of the app and not the domain? We can chat about that.

Serious OBO, make me an offer!

| Monthly Costs: $10 USD

Domain: Vouchy.io